Break to Make is an all-women makeathon at USC. Check out for more info, or go ahead and fill out our short application to join us on September 23 - 24! (Applications are closed! Keep your eyes peeled for next year's!)
All women (trans and non-binary inclusive) are welcome, no experience needed!
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What is your dietary preference or allergy? *

What are some skills you'd be excited about learning?

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Do you have a team? *

No worries if you don't! We'll have some time at the start of Break to Make to form teams based on skills and interests!
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List up to three makers (First name, Last name, E-mail)
Optional: What's the first thing you ever made?

think Play-Doh, legos, lemonade-stand
Break to Make is committed to being a diverse and inclusive event. The following question is designed to help us assess the demographic breakdown of our applicant pool. Your answers to this question will not affect your application in any way, and your participation is appreciated!

Break to Make is inclusive of people of all racial and ethnic identifications. In order to ensure we consider the needs of all our applicants and makers, please consider the following optional question: 

What is your racial or ethnic identification?

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Thank you for your interest, go ahead and click "Going" on our Facebook Event. We'll be in touch with details about your team and the weekend soon!
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